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Tommy Egan

Tour de Los Santos Championships

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Hello Citizens of Los Santos,

I'm happy to announce a new event coming soon! Tour de Los Santos!

Depending on Participants there will be two divisions and in each division we will have 5 teams having two drivers. The points system is as below and also you will see the race tracks. You will need to use the Petrol Garages on the routes to top up your fuel.

Each Race will be held on a Sunday Evening (TBC). If a number of drivers can not attend we will postpone the race to another evening. We are working with the local government to see if we can have the roads closed to the locals during the races.

1st 25
2nd 18
3rd 15
4th 12
5th 10
6th 8
7th 6
8th 4
9th 2
10th 1


Prize Money

Individual Prize money for 1st, 2nd & 3rd will be revealed closer to the event along with prize money for the Team that comes 1st.

The teams that finish 9th and 10th will be relegated and the teams that come 1st and 2nd in the second division will be promoted. 


The Following staff are required to ensure a smooth event. All Staff will be paid, fee's to be confirmed soon!

  • 2 Mechanics - To fix damaged cars
  • 1 EMS - In case of serious injury
  • 1 Police officer - To keep the peace with the crowd and drivers!
  • 4 Marshall's* - To ensure drivers are keeping to the track, positioned around the map, with one to start the race. 
  • Bookie* - To give odds and take bets from the watching public.

*You must not be into illegal activities or have a white-listed job. To apply contact me on Discord.


  • No Fighting / Shooting. This is a peaceful event.
  • This is a non-contact race, any deliberate ramming will result in a placement penalty or Disqualification.
  • PlaysTV is required. You may need to upload if a dispute is raised and clips can be used in the end of season highlights.
  • Cutting corners on the route, will lead to a position drop and possible Disqualification if persistent.
  • Cars may only fuel at the gas station if their is an available pump, no squeezing or pushing in. Choose your pit stop wisely.
  • If your car is damaged at any point, Call for a mechanic, we will have two available covering each half of the course. We will also allow one use of a repair kit by yourself if your car is slightly damaged/smoking. If your car completely stops you will need to call for a mechanic.
  • The car you use for the first race, is the car you use for the rest of the season. You may upgrade the car during the season.
  • Your cars must be painted in your team colours.
  • No criminal activity city wide or other players allowed in the areas on the tracks during race times. You may practice the course in your own time during the week.
  • Non Participating players are allowed to stand at the starting/finishing line as spectators.
  • All Drivers must be dressed in Racing Gear and wear a Helmut.

Demolition Derby Rules

  • No Head on Crashing on purpose.
  • You must go round the track in a clockwise direction
  • Positions are determined by completed laps.


  1. Endurance (3 Laps)
  2. Inner City (4 Laps)
  3. Sandy Shore (3 Laps)
  4. West Side (4 Laps)
  5. East Side (5 Laps)
  6. Demolition Derby (Last Car Standing)

Future Plans

  • TV Coverage via Twitch (2 Commentators required Paid Position)


Confirmed Teams/Drivers

  • Team Devine - Tommy & Jackson / Colours TBC

Please note this is a first draft and will be updated before the Season Starts


Inner City.png

Sandy Shores.png

West Side.png

East Side.png


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5 hours ago, M3RC said:

damm those are some long ass tracks

The races should last 15/20mins, I've tested them by driving round them in a standard GTA car fully upgraded with traffic. I'm pretty sure before the event we can do a server restart and put the locals to none or very little, hoping for the former to give it that real race realism. 

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