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Update #6 - Mini Fixes - 14th May 2019

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Update #6 - Mini Fixes - Released @ 14th May = 12:00GMT

- Fixed Cooldown on Chopshop (3 hours)
- Changed Pistol Price ($20,000)
- Changed Repair Kit Price? ($3,500)
- Prices Changed at Chopshop (Battery = $150) (Low Radio = $210) (High Radio = $310) (Stock Rims = $420) (High Rims = $520) (Airbag = $125)
- Lower percentage at Chopshop of Cops being Called
- Fixed Police Dodge Speed / Handling
- Fixed Police Porshe Handling
- Updated Police Blips
- Moved Vehicle Shop Selector Location
- Selling Percentage is 75% Now
- Lockpick/Hotwire Cars - Police / EMS get bypass
- Money in Inventory fixed

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