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- Changed Server
- Removed Text Messages to Police Phone when Speedcamera Triggers
- Changed Economy
- Updated Job Salary & Items
- Updated Cars
- Unused Cars will be removed (This stops cars spawning on top of each other)
- Fixed Police Inventory with Speakers, Toothpaste and Laptop
- Now get Cocaine from houses (Correct Version)
- Changed Police Cars 
- Changed Sirens Control - This stops the lag what was happening with Police Cars
- Added SNS Pistol, Crowbar, Hammer to Weapon Store
- Edited Trunks in Vehicles
- House Robberies need 2 Cops on duty
- Added Minimum Cops for Drugs Processing and Picking
- Added PD in Sandy Shores
- Add Hospital in Sandy Shores
- Added R8. RS7, Golf, G Wagen & Titan Warrior to Car Dealer
- Moved Meth Picking Location
- Scoreboard should be fixed
- Gangs now sell the same stuff
- Added Pilot License and Shop
- Updated Police Car Names

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