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The BEST GTA V Roleplay server!
  • Community Rules (Discord, in-game and Website)

    1. Do Not @Founder @Co-Founders @Admins.

    2. Please contact Support Team and Moderators with issues in Discord or In-Game.

    3. Racism and bullying is completely unacceptable and will result in a permanent ban.

    4. Heavy gore, Self harm content will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.

    5. Verbal / Text abuse to anyone will Not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.

    6. Do Not post your personal detail/ information or anyone else's Information This will result

    7. No NSFW content.

    8. No pornographic material in discord or on KaosRP website.

    9. You Must be at least 18 years old to play on the server.

    10. You Must have a microphone to play- test your microphone before joining the server.

    11. No advertising (streams allowed on website and discord) (gta related links are allowed).

    12. No cheating or bug abuse. Will result in a permanent ban.

    13. Keep political or religious views to yourself or keep in pms, do not talk about in off-topic or any other chats related to the server.

    14. No stream sniping, if noticed you will be given a permanent ban.

    15. When Staff member has spoken about a issue in Discord or on the Website, please leave it. (no playing macho-man, you will receive a warning if you do)

    16. Before Joining the server you Must join the Discord in-game channel to play on the server. If you are not in the Discord channel, while in-game you will be kicked from the server.

    You Must use recording software of your choosing (We recommend Plays.tv or Shadowplay). This is for bringing evidence to admins incase issues arise in-game, if you don’t have evidence WE WILL NOT take it further.


  • Roleplay Rules

    1. NEVER break character while in server (only time this is acceptable is with admin permission) If needed use /ooc chat in game or reach out in discord Only reason this would be acceptable if a real life emergency occurs.

    2. You are encouraged to record when playing either use play.tv or other software.

    3. Fail RP: Act realistically at all time, so if you wouldn't do it in real life don't do it in game

    4. VDM: Vehicle deathmatch, do not use your vehicle as a weapon with intent to kill

    5. RDM: Random death match, Never kill/fight someone without probable cause. If it doesn't mix with the RP its not allowed,

    6. Metagaming: Using information obtained out of game to benefit your character, if you haven't learned information yourself in game your character has no clue that it exists.

    7. FearRP: You must value your life at all times, treat your life as if you die you will never come back. An example is being held at gunpoint and not reacting to it or not caring, This is not caring for your life. If asked to do

    8. Value of life: Treat your life and others lives as you would in real life. There is No mass murder, killing without reason, randomly shooting guns at people.

    9. Stream sniping: Watching streams of people in server and using the info to gain knowledge in game for yourself, killing the streamer for no reason, hunting them down and annoying them in game, this includes trolling.

    10. New life rule: All incidents leading up to your death you must forget if you die via head trauma. (EMS will tell you and the timer of forgetting is 30 minutes prior to death)
      No return rule- When dying no return to the scene in which it happened for 15 minutes.

    11. Speed limits in city are 60 KPH, Highway 120 KPH and rural roads 80 KPH. (you don't have to obey this but police will pull you over and most likely get a ticket if not obeying this law)

    12. Suicide RP is Not allowed, you Must always value your life.

    13. When PvPing all incidents Must start verbally, these incidents Must not exceed the 1 hour mark which means if you were to warn someone that you were going to kill them you have 1 hour from the time of the threat to act on that hit otherwise you must give another warning.

    14. Shit talking is Not a valid reason to kill someone (you wouldn't kill someone IRL for them calling you a pussy so don't do it here, and if you would...get help.)

    15. All out of game drama Must Not affect in game

    16. If you are carrying a Bat or gun larger than a pistol You must be wearing a bag. (shoulder strap bags) Parachutes/purses/fanny packs do Not work.

    17. When you die you can send a distress signal to EMS/Police but May not give details on how you died. Example of what not to do: “Help! Brandon killed me cause I stole his car”

    18. No violence  in Green zones or from outside harming those inside them (Hospital, Police Station, Car dealership, Spawn area)

    19. No Crime can be committed in Green zones.

    20. Roleplay all clothing changed, I.E “/me takes mask out of back pocket.”

    21. No impersonating Whitelisted jobs or Emergency personal, Staff members or Gangs.

    22. Do Not use character wearable items that is used by emergency personnel I.E: radios/ uniforms. You May use a gun holster.

    23. The /me command Must be used for actions for smooth roleplay I.E “/me pulls M4 out of backpack, trunk, driver side door”.

    24. Police/EMS vehicles Must not be stolen, this includes AI Emergency vehicles as well.

    25. ”Negotiator” Must not be held hostage in the event of one being needed, if this happens the roleplay will be taken care of by an admin and those involved will be punished.

    26. No combat logging (logging out when dying)

    27. Bluetooth communication is Not allowed (discord,teamspeak,mumble etc)

    28. No NPC farming (treat NPC’s as a normal online player)

    29. Planes Only allowed at airports, helicopters Only allowed on private property, flying through streets at low altitude (dangerous behavior) will result in a permanent ban.

    30. Players can Not fly aircraft unless the have a License.

    31. Do Not run from police without a valid reason.

    32. When receiving pain or an injury You Must react to it.(flipping your cars, fall damage, being punched etc, you are not in god mode.)

    33. Military base is completely Off limits (except for events)

    34. Voice changer are allowed, but MUST be clear so people understand you.

    35. Sexual Assault (Rape, non-consensual touching ect) Roleplay is NOT allowed. Will result in a permanent ban.

    36. When you rob a player you can take what is ON their person. You can Not ask them to go to the bank as a hostage for more money.

    37. When Kidnapping a player you can Not hold them longer than 45minutes.

    38. Can Not use Military vehicles.(This will result in a permanent ban).

    39. When at a Red light. You Must wait a total of Four seconds. Then check it is clear before proceeding onwards. (If you have waited the Four seconds and a Police officer coming around a corner spots you go through a Red light you could be pulled over.Think from the perspective of the officer just turning the corner).

    40. When in prison you can Not use Tweet, Ad, Anon, Text or call.

    41. When talking In-Game you Must speak English.

    42. When you Black-out from a Crash in a Police Chase you can Not use the vehicle as a Getaway vehicle after crashing.

    43. EMS are Green zoned. You can Not kill, harm or rob them.

    44. No cop/EMS baiting (breaking laws in front them).

    45. Unrealistic Revival - When you are revived, you’re in medical custody until a member of EMS releases you. If you have have sustained Head trauma EMS can transport you to hospital for player safety.

    46. Targeting Police at traffic stops I.E: being pulled over for speeding citation and shooting at police is Not allowed. If you have a Warrant out for your arrest then you can resist and engage with Police.

    47. When pulling out a Weapon You Must us /me pull M4 from trunk, side door, gym bag.

    48. No high explosives I.E Sticky bombs, grenades, rockets.

    49. No faking police/EMS calls

    50. When calling Mechanics please RP what is wrong with your vehicle down the phone so mechanics know what to bring to fix the vehicle.

    51. Do Not enter Gangs houses without gang members permission.

    52. Use common sense.

    53. When doing the hunting activity you MUST return the sniper back to the starting point. If you are seen with the rifle in city or selling it to players you will receive a instant ban.


  • Gang Rules

    1. Mafia’s gang color is RED - Syndicate’s gang color is GREEN

    2. When laying low you are allowed to change outfit without colors for 30 minutes

    3. Drive by shooting have to be initiated RP before happening, no random deathmatch just because they are the rival gang.

    4. Gangs may Only have a total of 5 members in the gang.

    5. Gangs may talk business but never be allies.

    6. Hostage roleplay must be very high quality.

    7. No using own gang members or allies of the gang as hostages.

    8. When using force You must give multiple warnings, example is put your hands up now or i'll shoot, get out the car or i'll shoot.

    9. No threatening police over social media/phones.

    10. No random RDM on cops just cause you dont like cops, you need to still have RP with police officers.

    11. No highjacking robberies.

    12. Hits on other gangs Must be initiated first, without this RP its classed as RDM.

    13. You may Not use green zones as meet locations.

    14. You Can not “control” red zones. Do Not camp them to instant rob when people arrive.

    15. When carrying out hits unless you want them to remember what happened and the RP leading up to it, it Has to be carried out by form of head trauma


    17. If police have pulled someone over RP Must be high quality to intervene.

    18. You may only commit  1  Player robbery Per-hour

    19. Every player on the server can sell drug locations, No bullying drug locations.

    20. OOC discord chats Must take place in Kaos RP discord. No personal discords used when on server.

    21. EMS on duty are Off limits from robbery, hostage and murder.

    22. No selling gang identifier weapons (Mafia Tommy gun, Syndicate G36C).

    23. Police are allowed to Kill on Site if you have a tier two weapon (anything above a pistol) in hand pointed at NPC’s, Players or Emergency Services endangering life.

  • Criminal Rules

    1. No highjacking robberies

    2. Cooldown timer in between robberies is 20 minutes

    3. You may Only rob the same person once every 24 hours

    4. You can Only hold a bank robbery once every two hours

    5. Only One robbery may take place at a time unless there is more than 6 police online

    6. No robbing,holding hostage or killing EMS

    7. When in prison you May not leave until your time is up. (if time is bugged report to staff and wait until its fixed)

    8. You may Only rob a bank with 5 people (this means only 5 involved entirely No support can come and help you).

    9. Negotiator's are Off limits from killing and holding hostage

    10. No tweeting about illegal things, use /darkweb or /anonymous (doing so will result in police showing up / using this as evidence about said illegal activities).

    11. Police can Kill on Site (KOS) if you have a tier 2 weapon(anything besides pistol) in hand pointed endangering life. I.E Pointing at NPC’s, Players, Emergency Staff.

    12. No stealing EMS or Police vehicles

    13. Illegal activity Must not take place in green zones

    14. When committing a robbery, if asked by police, "Do you have anyone on the outside of the building?" You must state Yes or No(Telling the truth). Example " We have a person on the outside". So the police have to investigate the area. If there is a hostage, you Must announce it and show proof of life.

    15. If you plan on taking a Police Officer hostage. You will need Two additional Officer on duty to carry this out.  

    16. You are allowed to use Red/Blue neons. But if caught by police using them you can be fined or have your car impounded.

  • EMS Rules

    1. You Must wear the issued uniform while on duty.

    2. While on Duty you will Not be allowed to participate in illegal activity.

    3. When going off duty you Must return Medkits and Bandages.

    4. While on duty you can Not carry weapons on their person.

    5. You can only use the Helicopter for across the map situations.

    6. You can Not use lights and sirens to get through traffic lights, unless you are responding to a call.

    7. You Must be in the Discord Voice channel while on Duty.

    8. Revival of a player- When you have revived the patient Will be in your medical custody until you decide to releases them.

    9. If arriving to an area where crime is being commited you Must flee the scene and call for police backup, you are Not allowed to intervene.

    10. If held hostage, robbed or murdered RP the situation out and then later /report to admins(just for the flow of the roleplay go with it. You will be compensated for the items taken, you also must have proof that it happened).

    11. Applies to Rule (7.) If you feel the player needs to be transported to hospital due to head trauma you can transport them for player safety.

    12. Training Must be held by a high ranking EMS(levels 3 and 4), it can Not be performed by any low ranking EMS (levels 1 and 2)

    13. You can Not sell medical equipment.

    14. Do Not go back and forth On and Off duty to commit illegal activities.   

  • Cops Rules

    1. You Must wear the issued uniform while on duty.

    2. While on duty you Must not participate in illegal activity.

    3. When going off duty you Must return Police equipment.

    4. You can Not discharge your weapons unless its life threatening to yourself or others.

    5. You can Not use lights and sirens to get through traffic lights, unless you are responding to a call.

    6. Camping illicit spots IE: Drug locations is Not allowed.

    7. While on duty you Must place all confiscated items into the armoury before going off duty. I.E Guns/Drugs/Dirty Money.

    8. You Will need probable cause to search someone or their Vehicle.

    9. While in a pursuit you Must wait 3:00 minutes before attempting a P.I.T maneuver.

    10. For officers to use High powered Police cars I.E interceptor vehicles you Will have to ask Command to use them. They are Not daily patrol vehicles.

    11. When at bank robberies keeping everyone alive including the criminals is your #1 priority

    12. You Must be in the Discord Voice channel while on Duty.

    13. You Must not search someone unless they are handcuffed or have given you permission

    14. Miranda rights must be read to the suspect if they are being detained or arrested (anyone you put in handcuffs)

    15. All criminals Must be offered legal representation If there is a lawyer available.

    16. When putting out a warrant or a BOLO You must put them in the correct discord channels /Website panels and inform dispatch.

    17. If you wish to use ‘body cam’ or ‘dash cam’ footage, you must upload the recording for all involved parties to view (IE plays.tv or other).

    18. When you have a suspect detained. You must not harm them in anyway.

    19. When other officers are talking on the radio I.E Discord. Please keep the comms clear and wait your turn to speak.

    20. Police may not shoot at suspects robbing stores/banks if the criminals haven’t fired a shot

    21. If suspect is a threat to safety of those around him (NPC’s, other players or police) you may use lethal force to subdue suspect but Not headshots

    22. Trainees will not be allowed to carry lethal force weapons for a minimum of 1 day before completing training.

    23. Police Vehicle/ Gun training will be held at the Military base.

    24. You can impound Vehicles or Call for a Mechanic. (Try to use Mechanic for RP).

    25. A recruit going through police training. You will Not be allowed to carry Lethal weapons, unless advised to do so by the TO(Training Officer).

    26. Do Not go back and forth On and Off duty to commit illegal activities.

  • Mechanic Rules

    1. You Must wear the issued uniform while on duty.

    2. While on duty you Must not participate in illegal activity.

    3. You have the right to refuse service to anyone, Except emergency personnel.

    4. Emergency personnel get free repairs to vehicles when on duty (RP the situation out).

    5. If arriving to a call and you see illegal activity going on you Must leave the scene and call for police.

    6. Mechanics are allowed to be armed with a legal firearm, but not allowed to use them with lethal force unless a case of self defense, you should NEVER fire the first shot.

    7. Police can call you to impound vehicles.

    8. Do Not go back and forth On and Off duty to commit illegal activities.  

    9. When you receive a call from players RP what is wrong with their vehicles, so you know what to bring for a onscene fix.

    10. Do Not rush the RP situation when repairing vehicles.

    11. You May ask for Tips from players when you have completed your work.

    12. You Must not go around while on duty trying to instigate situations. (cause drama)

    13. Police can call you to unlock vehicles.

    14. You can Not unlocked random vehicles / search them.

  • Streaming Rules

    1. You may Not stream drug locations.

    2. Streams May not be used as in-character information (that is metagaming).

    3. You Must mute admin conversations when on stream.

About us

KaosRP is a GTA V Roleplay server which is a serious Roleplay community. We are founded April 2019

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