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  1. yo guys im just wondering but have you guys looked into rage multiplayer. It doesnt seem to have as many issues with lag as fiveM and you can have more slots and mod the servers a bit more than fiveM
  2. hi thanks for answering my suggestions and explaining your answers. i understand what you are saying and i also get you have more important things to be doing with the server at the present time keep up the awesome work dude
  3. Cars are rather expensive Apartments are expensive also I think maybe add a hotel where everybody spawns from so you have your own room that way its easlier for rp and you could make that area a green safe zone i know it will be like another server but it works really well. you could have a choice to rent a room with your welfare for $150 or keep getting the $150 in your bank More dealerships, Garages for mechanics to work from More police departments when you have enough recruits. Does the prison have jobs so you can take off time from your sentence. Its horrible if you are a streamer and you have to sit in prison for a solid 40 minutes with nothing to do. This is just a suggestion like i said you guys are doing great for such a short time

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KaosRP is a GTA V Roleplay server which is a serious Roleplay community. We are founded April 2019

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