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    I like both of the ideas above, specially the one about the shop. Currently anyone has acess to handcuffs, drills, lockpicks, etc. Having those things beeing sold by a player working in a store would be cool. I have a couple ideas for jobs / bussinesses. Like car washing company, a alcohool producer company, car dealer would be awesome but its bugged so fuck it, a security company (lets say your going to the bank to withdraw cash to go buy a car, you can call the security company for protection so you dont get robbed midway for example), driving instructor (instead of it beeing an automated process you can have the driving exam beeing conducted by a player and would make it more chalenging and fun to get your drivers license), most of these can be made using scripts already in the game, would just have to apply diferent names
  2. ill jump on the airsoft pics train too (its a little weird on the background because its one of those 3D kindish photos the iphone makes, its the only one i have without face pro though 😛 )
  3. I think this is one of the best staff team ive seen in a while, responding on /reports in game asap and to questions in discord. All the while working on the server. So far for me the downside has been the little bugs and quircks that you guys are trying to fix but thats obvisouly to be expected, with such a new server. The server economy i cant say if i like it or not yet, feels like a slow grind, i obviously dont expect to be driving a ferrari 2 days after joining the server, but i also dont feel like beeing stuck on chicken farming without much rp going on for a couple of days just so i can buy something more expensive, does that make sense? I wouldnt necessarily say to increase the jobs pay, but with time the adding of more side activites and money making opurtunities will probably make the economy rise, ill just wait and see. I just hope that you guys reading this post will continue to support and develop the server for us, with the comitement youve shown us this far. I and i think all of the comunity will suport you if you keep showing that level of careness and dedication you have been showing. Also please keep monitoring the Roleplay focus of the server. Make sure people are not going too off character all the time, either in the world or the /ooc chat. Ive been looking for a more strongly focused RolePlaying server and im really thinking this is the one, please let it be so! Keep up the good work!

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KaosRP is a GTA V Roleplay server which is a serious Roleplay community. We are founded April 2019

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