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Davie Wallace


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  1. Thats in the past.. the man said future, jesus grey ham
  2. Mr Macdo 


    Your a repeat offender

    get me followed now



    1. ChrisMacdo


      Yes Captain 

    2. Davie Wallace

      Davie Wallace

      Your so hot

  3. Not here to take part mate Here to take over Calm doon brandon mate not the website just the reputation x
  4. naw man, youve just killed me hahahaahaha
  5. fuck sake shouldn't have said that a never noticed that hahaaha
  6. want to see you without that beard one day
  7. Mate a ran outa reactions but just know a clicked "HAHA" Ly
  8. Here man, that wee jumper looks hella cosy
  9. May awell see is at 4 in the morning at ma worst know wit a mean
  10. Hi My name is Paul in the real world yeno sad times, in the server am Davie Wallace an absolute shagger, good times Cheers
  11. Plus fucking one, part of me wants it open now but im off work next week so ima be hoping it opens when im off lmao
  12. This server is gonna be sick lets be honest...

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KaosRP is a GTA V Roleplay server which is a serious Roleplay community. We are founded April 2019

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