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Davie Wallace


Davie Wallace last won the day on April 13

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  • Birthday 03/04/1999

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    Davie Wallace

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  1. Davie Wallace

    What’s everyone’s favourite drink?

    Pink Gin n lemonade, lethal af
  2. Davie Wallace

    Who’s Roleplay did you enjoy?

    Thats in the past.. the man said future, jesus grey ham
  3. Davie Wallace

    Selfie Topic

    Not here to take part mate Here to take over Calm doon brandon mate not the website just the reputation x
  4. Davie Wallace

    Selfie Topic

    naw man, youve just killed me hahahaahaha
  5. Davie Wallace

    Selfie Topic

    fuck sake shouldn't have said that a never noticed that hahaaha
  6. Davie Wallace

    Selfie Topic

    want to see you without that beard one day
  7. Davie Wallace

    Selfie Topic

    Mate a ran outa reactions but just know a clicked "HAHA" Ly
  8. Davie Wallace

    Selfie Topic

    Here man, that wee jumper looks hella cosy
  9. Davie Wallace

    Selfie Topic

    May awell see is at 4 in the morning at ma worst know wit a mean
  10. Davie Wallace

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi My name is Paul in the real world yeno sad times, in the server am Davie Wallace an absolute shagger, good times Cheers
  11. Davie Wallace

    Fucking hell

    Plus fucking one, part of me wants it open now but im off work next week so ima be hoping it opens when im off lmao
  12. Davie Wallace

    Fucking hell

    This server is gonna be sick lets be honest...