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  1. Stand out characters for me was Mafia/Syndicate members, Tommy, Hammish and the ems but i cant remember his name
  2. Well bad man getting a hedge trimmer on hire tomorrow
  3. Just saying, after taking that photo realised that the unibrow is getting way out of hand
  4. Ah fuck it have me at my worst
  5. Not quite a selfie but one of the better pictures taken of me, Airsofting up here in Scotland is something else
  6. Glitch Has the beard of ma dreams man
  7. Nah fuck off is that the face of winjab XD
  8. Whats up people, for starters can I say well done to Brandon and the other devs who have made the site possible, looks clean and easy to navigate, as usual I'd imagine that they would like to hear all about it and any suggestions you have to go give them a message thanking them in the discord and i'll wait Done? Good, Id like to leave this post here as a sort of introduce yourself, keep it out of character though anything to do with that leave for the character backstory Anyway I'm Toxic, Might hear me getting called "G" or Graham but its all the same, first thing ill put straight is no, i'm not exactly "toxic" (depending on who you ask :D) I've just been using the name for years now and its stuck really so if your ever wondering, that's where it comes from, 12 year old me thinking the word toxic is cool, awesome backstory ae? I'm one of your hopefully helpful Admins around here so any questions/suggestions hit me up in the discord I will get back ASAP (Note: got my dad and 2 annoying little brothers that come on here so if you see me active and i'm not replying, that's usually the case). Hoping to see you all in the server when its up, from what I have seen so far its looking way better than the previous server most of us are familiar with (won't name them here, just going to say #noballs and leave it at that) so I hope your all ready for it. SSFToxic

About us

KaosRP is a GTA V Roleplay server which is a serious Roleplay community. We are founded April 2019

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