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    Wishing you good luck in your old woman appearance. You have a long way to go.
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    Gang Meet Example Locations

    I like this, i was gonna suggest this as well. But you beat me to it
  3. Christopher met Graham when he started his education, they were Mischievous and constantly being on the wrong end of trouble, as they grew older and moved through the educational system, they took a shine to business studies, while hating other classes. Although, most people thought it was a great thing that they both enjoyed something at school, they used there new found passion to turn the drug trade to their favour and by the time they left school they had already started plans on making a drug empire. After a few years these plans came to fruition and before they were pushing 21 they had already made a killing. People started questioning their fancy clothes and cars, so they moved away to the bigger cities where profits would rise further. The city brought them exactly what they wanted, people, and with people they were able to hire runners as not to get their hands dirty. However, a problem occurred. The average gang banger was performing below expectations, constantly getting caught, taking cuts, and in general, possessed unprofessional qualities. So the two decided to make a pact, they wouldn't start a gang, they would start an organisation. One which held itself to a high standard, and who's goal is to be more professional than the common 'Gang'. This led to the realisation that if they were going to do this, they would need to search for talent up and down the country. With this realisation they decided to spend time gathering contacts and laying low with their wealth. After some time the pair received word of a Spanish dealer, Sergio Pérez. The Spaniard also had similar aspirations as the duo, and controlled most of the drugs coming in and out of England. The pair decided to meet with him and after a long discussion the three began the criminal organisation 'Syndicate', and with this the Duo; turned Trio began to take over the entire UK drug trade. The takeover however was messy, the trio went around all the major gangs and told them to hand over all major criminal assets they had. This included everything from weapons, drugs and even henchmen. The first few gangs didn't take kindly to just three people showing up and demanding changes and attempted to meet them with force. However out of the 6 men there, two were left alive, who were then forced to be Syndicate's personal 'Cannon-fodder'. This cycle repeated itself up and down the country, until any major gang had accepted the demands, or were wiped out entirely. After taking over and settling in to their new found power, the Trio spent some time in relative peace. Enjoying the rewards their hard work had gained them. The three had made the mistake of not keeping a good eye on the pockets of leftover gang members who were still loyal to their original gangs. They secretly formed a gang called 'G59' in an attempt to take down their new bosses. they setup a "Friendly Meeting" to buy some better hardware, to protect the Syndicate's drug lines and after the Trio pulled up in the car, 'G59' opened fire. Although Sergio and Graham were able to get out of the car and take cover, Christopher had received multiple, almost shrapnel-like, shards of glass from the incoming fire and was subsequently blinded in his left eye. This didn't stop him diving out the car and picking up one of the carbines which was originally being sold to 'G59' and returning fire with his Syndicate associates. After a lengthy battle with the 'G59', the police had definitely caught wind of what was going on, and by the next morning the shootout was all over the news. Police were never able to identify the syndicate members, however this majorly disrupted business as the three had to lay low, as to not get caught by the police. Needing a way out, the three began to contact old friends who had been helping to bring product to Syndicate, in the hopes of fleeing the country. This brought them closer to the weapons dealer, and good friend, Winjab Akunda, a Nigerian Warlord who had told them about a nice place for sale in Los Santos, where he was looking to expand his weapons operation. After counting their losses on the 'G59' incident, the Trio decided it was best to pack up and take Winjab's offer, but never forgetting their lessons learned from past mistakes.
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    Can't beat some of this stuff
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    Winjab's. What a guy
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    gee us a lend of member reputation wtf
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    no wonder we can barely hear the man, LOOK WHERE HIS MIC ISSSS
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    i will get involved in this too
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    here... idk about you boys... but a would...
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    Am Chris, Aye. A played the previous Server that was horrid and no one cared, A just like to play games and make friends.
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    Can't wait for the launch