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Thank you everyone for supporting us and being apart of our community! We love you all!

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  1. XRaRe_eVoX

    Recommending XRaRe_eVoX for support team/staff

    thanks mate, just in case you need an extra hand or anything, always on discord and the server anyways so wouldn't mind helping where i can with what i can, jus throw us a message if i can help ❤️
  2. XRaRe_eVoX

    Selfie Topic

    haven't actually got any selfies.. ahaha ill have to get one whenever i remember to
  3. XRaRe_eVoX

    [Feedback] - Current State of Server

    Well my views on the server and the people in it so far are that this is gonna be one awesome server! i haven't seen the level of commitment from devs/admin/mods etc. towards sorting out issues and making sure everyone has a pleasant experience in many other servers if any! the money making opportunities could be a little more plentiful but im sure that wont be a problem, there's been a few issues but not half as many as id have expected from a server put together so quickly so you've done something right! hope everyone keeps up the good work and i look forward to meeting more of you in game! ❤️