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  1. If I'll be around I would gladly assist as a mechanic
  2. In my opinion the forum, or atleast the profiles should be private or should have an option to let the user decide if he wants his/her profile to be visible to anyone or registered users only.
  3. I rather think of myself as an opportunist 😁
  4. I'm not gonna tell you my first name because noone would be able to pronounce it anyways 😆. Even my mom calls me Moli, but you guys will probably know me as Benji in-game. I'm currently 28 years old, working as a web-programmer/designer/whatever-you-need. I started to RP on Amethyst, met some really nice people, had a lot of fun and I hope I will continue to do so on Kaos 💘
  5. you might be surprised but I'm not the one with the boobs

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KaosRP is a GTA V Roleplay server which is a serious Roleplay community. We are founded April 2019

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