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  1. CarahamNB

    [Feedback] - Current State of Server

    If I were to make a suggestion it would be this: The RP I have gotten out of interacting with the mechanics when deciding upgrades for my car has been great. It feels right that I'm having to visit another actual person to perform a service for me rather than standing in a circle and interacting with a menu of some kind. With that being said, my suggestion is that there are more jobs that are player based. second-hand car salesmen, gun shops run by players (low tier of course). The ability to manage property and perhaps rent it to other players would also be incredible. Maybe property prices can rise and fall so real estate becomes a real way of making your fortune?
  2. CarahamNB

    Introduce Yourself

    I am the catalyst for the downfall of an inferior server. Praise be. #NB