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  1. Can't wait for the server to be up with the new host ❤️

    1. Western


      Oh Yes 

  2. Get ready Los Santos

  3. JSaul

    What’s everyone’s favourite drink?

    Not the cider. I’m talking about the beer 1664 pussy boii
  4. I build pc’s and sell them off, what’s your hobbies?
  5. JSaul

    Suggestions Topic.

    For all those who have suggestions, getting used to using the website from here on out would be handy and spamming the discord suggestions channel less frequent would be good. What are you thoughts everyone? Hands up to the admins for the work done so far! Good job!
  6. Hola amigos 

  7. JSaul

    Introduce Yourself

    Would love to play some online poker with you some time
  8. JSaul

    Introduce Yourself

    I’m from southeast London, left working in sales which I did for 3 years! Now working interior design for the last few months. That’s about it
  9. This is just a topic for those in the future to share the roleplay they enjoyed.
  10. JSaul

    Selfie Topic

    I’ll go gay for you guys
  11. JSaul

    Selfie Topic

    Show us all your beautiful mugs