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  1. Welcome KaosRoleplayers, Its been a while since last update log. So this huge update includes; New Vehicles - Including Police, EMS New Gangs - GSF, Ballas, Vagos More Motels with working inventories Help Tablet which includes Job Tutorial, Mechanic Calculator, Police Prison Time Calculator You can now lay down in hospital beds. Added 3 Pharmacy You can now mug NPC's Added Banners on menus Added More Items Drugs now can be used! Tuner Laptop - So you can edit your vehicles Damage system - Now you can see where you are injured. Added Heroin / Opium Drug Reset Economy - More Balanced New Hud at the top right New Status at bottom left New Sounds New Vehicle Locking feature Gas Station blips only show when your near the Gas Station Driving Test changed to MPH Added Fuel & Ball to the Weapon store Animation Menu - F3 Dance commands - /dance1-99 Added Hotwiring to vehicles New Gym system with stats Taser Effect - If you get tazed you will get a effect on your screen Voice ranger is further. Updated our anti cheat with weapons we dont use.
  2. BrandsPickled


    Morning, We has a meeting yesterday and you guys wanted more jobs. Please could you suggested below what jobs you would to be seen in the server? -Bran
  3. Update #6 - Mini Fixes - Released @ 14th May = 12:00GMT - Fixed Cooldown on Chopshop (3 hours) - Changed Pistol Price ($20,000) - Changed Repair Kit Price? ($3,500) - Prices Changed at Chopshop (Battery = $150) (Low Radio = $210) (High Radio = $310) (Stock Rims = $420) (High Rims = $520) (Airbag = $125) - Lower percentage at Chopshop of Cops being Called - Fixed Police Dodge Speed / Handling - Fixed Police Porshe Handling - Updated Police Blips - Moved Vehicle Shop Selector Location - Selling Percentage is 75% Now - Lockpick/Hotwire Cars - Police / EMS get bypass - Money in Inventory fixed
  4. Update #5 - Police Blips - Removed The Suicide Menu - Removed Animation F3 (check #information-board for new animations) - Pulling gun out animation - Trunk saving fixed - Despawn vehicles fixed - Tattoo Shop fixed - 70+ New Cars - Back to normal handling - Police got a Revive option on the F6 Menu - Repair Kits lowered down in price - Garage Impound Lowered in price - Bleeding out when injured - Jail fixed - Jail Yard now accessable - Menus now fixed that when you die they appear now - Transfer Vehicle /transfervehicle [id] [plate] - New Animations /e - Lower Taxi job salary - New EMS Vehicle - Some prices of cars changed - Updated server title - Now carry 42 Drugs
  5. UPDATE #4 - Multi Characters - New Song on Loading - Added /tow for mechanics towing problems with custom cars - Added Extra Room at LSPD - Mafia / Syndicate Citizens Menu Removed - Replaced with Z Menu - All Vehicles Modified (Realistic) Theses will be edited again - Prices in Shops Changed - Added Real Estate Agent Job - Added Lawyer Job - Added Police Cars - Buff Police Cars - Trunks should now save - Updated Messages when selling drugs - Added Price to Pilot License - Added A Teleporter to Garage in LSPD - Changed Radar Gun to ' G' - Added /spotlight to police cars - Added Cameras to Banks & PD which can be hacked - Added Slash Tires (Go to wheels with a knife and press E) - Added /report if you have a problem - Fixed ID Cards - F10 Menu - Removed Pug from Pets - New Lock System - Added More Speed Cameras - Added Jungle in Swamp near Military Base - Changed Coke Locations - Added Chop Shop - Lower Maze Bank Timer - Added GSR to Police Menu - Higher Impound Price - Drugs Weight Fixed - Sell Weed Fixed - Bhamas Doors Fixed - Added Soda Mechanic in Mechanics - Now Talk when player is downed so can roleplay with people / ems - Removed Fast & Furious Cars - Updated Inventory
  6. BrandsPickled

    PC Specs

    Come on everyone. Show off your PC ❤️ P.s. Mine isnt the greatest. -x- Case: Sharkoon VG4-W Gaming - Green Motherboard: Asus M5A97 EVO Memory: 32GB Kingston DUAL-DDR3 1600MHz Graphic Card: 4GB AMD RADEON™ R9 380 Processor: AMD FX-8370 Eight Core Water Cooling: Corsair H60 Hydro Series 1st Hard Disk: 2TB SATA-III 3.5" HDD 2nd Hard Disk: 1TB SATA-III 3.5" HDD SDD: 120GB KINGSTON V300 2.5" SDD Power Supply: CORSAIR 650W CS SERIES Keyboard: Razer Deathsalker Mouse Mat: Razer Vespula Mouse: Steel Series Rival 300 Headset: Turtle Beach x12 Webcam: Logitech C270 HD 720p Microphone: AT2020
  7. UPDATE #3 - Changed Server - Removed Text Messages to Police Phone when Speedcamera Triggers - Changed Economy - Updated Job Salary & Items - Updated Cars - Unused Cars will be removed (This stops cars spawning on top of each other) - Fixed Police Inventory with Speakers, Toothpaste and Laptop - Now get Cocaine from houses (Correct Version) - Changed Police Cars - Changed Sirens Control - This stops the lag what was happening with Police Cars - Added SNS Pistol, Crowbar, Hammer to Weapon Store - Edited Trunks in Vehicles - House Robberies need 2 Cops on duty - Added Minimum Cops for Drugs Processing and Picking - Added PD in Sandy Shores - Add Hospital in Sandy Shores - Added R8. RS7, Golf, G Wagen & Titan Warrior to Car Dealer - Moved Meth Picking Location - Scoreboard should be fixed - Gangs now sell the same stuff - Added Pilot License and Shop - Updated Police Car Names
  8. Yeah we will look into the weapons in Update #3. There will also be more houses to rob soon, its just finding spare interiors to use to rob houses which is delaying us right now. Yeah we have updated the whitelist application now and now we are being strict with them. If someone isnt Roleplaying correctly remember to use Plays.TV or or recording software and show a member of staff. Eventually we will give effects on drugs when you use them. Thanks you for the support and feedback ❤️
  9. UPDATE #2 - Added Manage License to Police Menu - Added Web CAD/MDT System for PD - Changed Mechanic NPC Job Salary - Added Speaker to Pawnshop - Added Auto Restart (I think) - Burglary Fixed - Lowered Speed Camera Prices - Lockpick Prices increased in price - Added Weapons & Dirty Money to be deposit to trunks - Removed LS Custom Blips on Map - Added Camera / Witnesses to Server - Fixed Alerts from Speed Cameras - Lowered Mechanic Upgrade Prices AGAIN - Disabled R in Safezones - Fixed ID cards in F10 - Fixed Miner Job Marker (Return Vehicle) - Medics now get $1500 per revive now - Use /darkweb instead of /anonymous - Fixed Bank Alerts - Police can do /police - Police have a jail option in F6 Menu - Now Carry 10 Water + 10 Bread - Fixed Lester Selling Point - Fuel lasts Longer
  10. UPDATE #1 - LS Customs only Mechanics - Prices Cheaper for Mechanics - Removed 1 Hospital - Plastic Surgery Changed Location in New Hospital - Cheaper (Gas/Petrol) - Animal Food in Stores - Added Saffron to Pawn Shop - Change Rob Stores is 2 Police needed - Ambulance Vehicles Cheaper - Seatbelt Sorted (Y Key) - EMS can access #911-calls in discord
  11. Everything is based on Real Economy because Los Santos is LA and the houses and buildings are roughly the same price, Cars are based on the sale price as well. The Job Salary / Pay will be higher in the next update. The Spawn area is Airport for Roleplay purposes. You can Rent Appartments as well. There will be more Car Dealerships soon over the map, but we are focusing on the main issues right now. The Prison time is reasonable and low on our server 40 minutes are low compare to other serious Roleplay server.
  12. Eventually all Menus will be all in one Menu but I code that in for you for the next update if you like with /mask /hat
  13. We are eventally adding Lawyer, Car Dealer, Real Estate Agent. But Weapon-seller be awesome too
  14. We are looking at the economy on Jobs currently. They will be getting a increase in price soon in Update #3. Yeah were planning to try and keep ooc for problems / helping players no to see how someone are etc. Happy that youre enjoying yourself! ❤️

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