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    ill jump on the airsoft pics train too (its a little weird on the background because its one of those 3D kindish photos the iphone makes, its the only one i have without face pro though 😛 )
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    ok fine, i dont look like an old lady. but i aspire to.
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    Selfie Saturday
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    you might be surprised but I'm not the one with the boobs
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    Don't actually take a lot of photos of myself... but this is the most recent I have... Which one am I? Voice-changer??
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    Glitch Has the beard of ma dreams man
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    i will hop on this train
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    May awell see is at 4 in the morning at ma worst know wit a mean
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    here... idk about you boys... but a would...
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    Nah fuck off is that the face of winjab XD